Beacon Placement & Care Services

Beacon Placement & Care Services

Their mission is to guide seniors and families through the process of finding the best housing and care options.

Helping older adults/seniors and their families find appropriate housing and lodging.


We have a 4 Easy Step Process to help families in need.

We Hone In on our clients needs:
We discover who our client truly is. We take time to listen and pay attention to details. We ask the right questions to find the right resources, housing, and care options.

We put together a target list of Options: We prescreen, tailor our search, and customize the options that match our clients needs and desires.

We take our families on Personal Tours: We take our clients and families on tours of their top choices. We guide our clients and help them to ask the right questions to find the right fit.

After the end of this process, our families are able to make an Educated Decision: Our clients and their families feel confident with their decision. After this process, our families feel peace of mind knowing they made the right choice.

We offer a FREE service to the clients we serve. We get paid by the community we introduce our client to and moves to. We have contracts with RCFEs- Residential Communities for the Elderly. Our community partners set aside a referral fee and that’s how we get paid.



San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, San Diego, Beach cities, and Orange County areas


"HOPE" is always our focus!
We use the acronym "HOPE "to describe our core values and the ways in which we help families find light in the dark, challenging times. We provide peace of mind. We provide the best housing and care options for your family.

Contact Number
(626) 483-6278

PO Box 1044

Glendora, CA 91740

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