It’s hard enough to grapple with cancer or another serious disease if you’re an adult. For children, it can be far more confusing and frightening.

The Child Life Program at City of Hope addresses the needs of infants, children, teens, and families during hospitalization and outpatient treatment.

How to Tell Your Child You Have Cancer

We hope these videos will help adults with a cancer diagnosis to talk with their children/teens about their cancer diagnosis in a developmentally appropriate manner and to encourage open and honest communication during their cancer treatment and survivorship.

Cómo Decirle a su Hijo que Tiene Cáncer

Esperamos que estos videos ayuden a los adultos con un diagnóstico de cáncer a hablar con sus hijos / adolescentes sobre el diagnóstico de cáncer de una manera apropiada para el desarrollo y para alentar una comunicación abierta y honesta durante el tratamiento y la supervivencia del cáncer.

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