Health Insurance, work and COVID-19

Triage Cancer has new resources related to losing employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, navigating health insurance generally, and employment rights of those with a compromised immune system and those who care for someone with a compromised immune system.


  1. The Quick Guide to Options When Losing Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance covers the various options for comprehensive health insurance coverage that someone with a preexisting condition, like cancer, might have.


  1. Check out our recent video, Steps for Managing Finances and Insurance After a Cancer Diagnosis, for information on how to avoid the financial burden of cancer, having adequate health insurance, using health insurance effectively, and other personal and practical costs. Presented in collaboration with Pfizer Oncology and CancerCoachLive.


  1. Read our recently published blog on employment rights for people with compromised immune systems for answers about employment options for people with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers.